Maltese Dogs are prone to tear stains

Long, healthy, white hair is often associated to the Maltese dog breed. This is because this is a small, white breed that is used as a show dog. Maltese are one of the oldest and smallest dog breeds of choice by many famous individuals. Most people consider these dogs soft, supple, cute and friendly. This dog is a good family dog that is considered smart and likes to be pampered.

Grooming a Maltese can cost hundreds of dollars. Their white hair is supposed to symbolize sacredness, so it is important to keep it healthy.  The Maltese breed needs to be brushed weekly, and bathed daily to keep their long, healthy coat. This can be time-consuming. Sometimes this breed can develop eye stains that accumulate near the nose and eye hair. These stains can be red or brown in color. The correct term applied to these stains are called tear stains. Tear stains on a Maltese can make the breed look unhealthy and as if it lacks proper grooming. These stains can develop as a result of a clogged tear duct, or hair that grows long and can enter the eyes .

The Maltese breed is known to have shorter snouts and shallow eye sockets. This can promote tears from the eyes to accumulate on the hair of a Maltese because hair can easily enter the eyes. The drying of tears can promote bacteria and leads to the color change of tears. For more info on tear stains, please visit sites similar to

Eye stains on Maltese are very visible since they have a pure, white coat. The best way to improve the look of your dogs under eye stains is with a supplement. Most tear stain supplements are formulated to address problematic factors from within your pet. This helps improve your dogs white coat.

Many tear stain supplements are made of 100% natural ingredients, but some products use harmful ingredients like Tylosin. Before purchasing any product, you should review the ingredient description. Tylosin is supposed to be administered to farm animals, when directed to do so by a veterinarian. If given to household pets like a Maltese it can be toxic. It is recommended to prohibit the use of products containing the substance Tylosin. To read reviews on products containing Tylosin, please refer to sites like